History of the TriMer System

Tri-Mer Corporation, established in 1960, specializes in comprehensive air pollution control solutions. The company focus is advanced pollution control technology combined with turnkey project delivery services. Experienced companies select Tri-Mer technology and project services for mission-critical applications.
  • Established in 1960 by Byrel Triggs and Charles Cramer as a manufacturing and fabrication shop.  They merged their last names to designate Tri-Mer Corporation.
  • Tri-Mer found a business opportunity in the pollution control market with the rise of environmental concerns in the late 1960s.
  • In 1977 Tri-Mer was purchased from the retiring owners by its key engineering employees, Eugene Ruess (deceased) and John Pardell, currently president and owner.
  • Tri-Mer has become one of the leading air pollution control companies in the U.S.
Located in central Michigan, the small industrial town of Owosso is between Lansing and Flint, about 90 miles from the Detroit airport.  The company has approximately 100 employees and growing.  Facilities of 100,000 square feet have been expanded to 200,000 square feet. Tri-Mer is one of the fastest growing pollution control companies in the United States.
  • Leaders in technology for difficult applications such as large-scale diesel.
  • Experts in new applications, piloting, engineering studies, equipment integration, design.
  • Over 6,000 air pollution control systems have been fabricated and delivered, the majority in the United States, with an increasing number in South America, Europe and Asia.
  • In-house manufacturing allows control of delivery schedules and quality assurance.
  • Turn-key project services shorten delivery times, enhance coordination, and provide customers with single-source responsibility for schedule and system performance.

Tri-Mer has multiple lines of equipment. The UltraCat Catalyst Filter system is the premier dry technology for PM+SO2+NOx.  Tri-Mer has been active in the large scale diesel market since 2006, obtaining funding from the EPA, CARB, and other California regulatory agencies for demonstration projects. Tri-Mer is the leader in removal of PM, SO2, and NOx from large-scale stationary diesel.  They have partnered with Clean Air Engineering – Maritime to offer a unique system for treating diesel exhaust from ships at dock.

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